The Grand Tour !

The Grand Tour !

The Chef’s Table « The Grand Tour »

Come and Experience The Grand Wine Tour !

Accompanied by our head chef , you and your guests will be seated directly in the kitchen at The Chef’s Table.

A 6 course tasting menu accompanied with an impressive selection of prestige wines from the following Wineries:

Marchand-Tawse, Robert Mondavi Winery, Ruinart, The Beaux-Frères Vineyard and Harlan Estate

The wines will be carefully selected by our Sommelier Team with passion and pleasure the sole purpose being to heighten your experience for the evening.  


Pascal Marchand, originally from Quebec, has been a winemaker in the region of Burgundy for more than 30 years now. Freshly accredited with a Degree in Oenology from l’Institut des vignes et du vin de Bourgogne, Pascal Marchand did not start lightly and challenged himself by joining the prestigious Domaine Comte Armand. After becoming an International WIne Consultant and representing a plethora of wineries, In 2006 he decides to start his own project and set roots in Nuits-Saint-Georges. In association with Morey Tawse in 2010, owner of Tawse Winery in Ontario, Pascal Marchand decides to create his enterprise which is known today as Domaine Marchand-Tawse. A passionate believer in terroir, he tries to exploit precise vineyards and soil sites so that the wines express a sense of place. One of the leaders of the green system , Pascal Marchand encourages a sort of standard in biological and biodynamic practices which in return gives a wine that is artisanal, but of tremendous quality.


Mr. Robert Mondavi established his winery in 1966, under his name, with a vision to create wines in Napa Valley that could be in the company of the greatest wine in the world. He chose an area in the heart of Napa Valley that is known as To Kalon Vineyard to install his winery. This unofficial Grand Cru vineyard, situated in Oakville, is considered to make some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon wines in the world. Not only red wines but white wines of great quality are sourced from the To Kalon Vineyards, which was the catalyser for Robert Mondavi’s signature white wine known as Fumé Blanc made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes. A leader, a believer, and an ambassador for California, Mr. Robert Mondavi would lay down the foundation for what we know today about California Wines.


Created in 1729, Ruinart is the oldest established Champagne house, and at it’s source is the intuition of a Benedictine Monk that was ahead of his time. Since it’s conception in 1729, Ruinart looks to the past to help present the cuvées of tomorrow. The unique form of Ruinart’s bottles are made in tribute to resemble the style of Champagne that was produced in the XVIII century. Dom Thierry Ruinart was an intuitive, visionary, hardworking, and modest Benedictine monk who lived from 1657-1709 and was a contemporary of Louis XIV. A brilliant theologian and historian, at the age of 23 he left his home in Champagne to go to the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, one of the most influential centers of learning near Paris. While there, he was exposed to the city and court where he gained an awareness of a more worldly life and in-particular he learned of a new “wine with bubbles,” not yet known as champagne, which was already popular among young aristocrats.


Since our first vintage in 1991, the Beaux Frères philosophy remains the same; to produce a world-class Pinot Noir from small, well-balanced yields and ripe, healthy fruit that represents  the essence of our vineyard. In pursuit of these goals, the Beaux Frères Vineyard is planted with tightly spaced vines, and yields are kept to some of the lowest in our industry. The grapes are harvested when physiologically (rather than analytically) ripe. Our winemaking philosophy is one of minimal intervention with clean fermentations utilizing indigenous yeast. The wines are stored in French oak for 10 to 12 months adjusting the percentage of new oak to compliment the wine the vintage has given us. Beaux Frères is never racked until it is removed from barrel for bottling, which occurs without fining or filtration. These non-manipulative, uncompromising methods guarantee a wine that is the most natural and authentic vineyard expression possible. Previous vintages demonstrate that these methods also allow our Beaux Frères to develop significant perfume, weight, and texture in the bottle.

Harlan Estate :

William Harlan was well on his way as a real estate developer in San Francisco before deciding to switch his focus towards Wine. After flirting with Merryvale Vineyards William Harlan buys a piece of land in the 80’s, situated in Oakville in the heart of Napa Valley, between Robert Mondavi’s To Kalon and Martha known for its beautiful cellars. Harlan Estate sees its first harvest in 1987, at the time the harvest was a disappointment being the purpose of creating a world class wine. We see the first actual vintage of Harlan Estate in 1990. Harlan Estate rapidly establishes itself as one of the premium wines of California, confirmed by the world’s most iconic wine reviews. As with supply and demand, especially considering the rapid growth and prestige, Harlan Estate wines started reaching prices of nearly 350$ a bottle. As for the estate, a terrain covered in forested wilderness was opened and vines planted with the some of the highest densities California had yet to see. Here the terroir benefits from cool evenings and foggy mornings from the Pacific creating an ideal environment for pristine physiological ripeness. The gravely soils and well drainage are perfectly adapted for Bordeaux varietals those of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Today the Domaine has over 100 ha and only 17 ha going into make the final wine. The head of winemaking is Bob Levy and looks to inspiration through their partnership with famous Bordeaux consultant, Michel Rolland. The actual cellar, renovated in 2002, is made of wood and glass reminding of a rustic and rural touch. The winemaking process is quite classic, meaning the least human intervention as possible. The wines that are fermented with their natural yeasts are aged in French oak casks for 24 months. In 1997 Harlan Estates started a new project by the name of Bond. After realising the potential of the surrounding terroirs of Napa Valley, William Harlan associated himself with the best winemakers in the area whom accepted to create wine under the Bond label. “Harlan Estate is one of the greatest Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines I have ever tasted. A blend of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, with the rest Merlot and Cabernet Franc, this enormously-endowed, profoundly rich wine must be tasted to be believed.  . » – Robert Parker

6 pers. minimum to 8 pers. maximum.


6 pers : 640$ per person

7 pers : 560$ per person

8 pers : 480$ per person

 Service fee and tax are not included


*Blanc de Blancs, Ruinart

*Meursault, Marchand Tawse, 2011

*Pinot Noir Beaux Frères Willamette Valley, 2014

*Harlan Estate, 2004

*Cabernet-Sauvignon Reserve, Robert Mondavi Winery, 1996

*Chardonnay Vinemount Ridge Icewine Barel Aged, Tawse, 2008

*The wines are subject to change depending on availability and without notice.


Tuesday to  Saturday

Reservations are based on disponibility.

For more detailed information please contact Saralee Ménard at 450-467-9185 ext 134 or smenard@hotelrivegauche.ca

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